What is formation

Each Congregation was created to respond to a real need in the Church and the world.  Each Religious Order then, has a special heritage of gifts and vision of the Founder or Foundress – called a charism – and this combined with the individual  gifts of the sister,
leads to a choice of living the Presentation Way of Life. Formation is the process of exploring life as a woman religious, journeying with you through an intense period of prayer, study, ministry and community living.

Our gradual transformation into Christ is the work of the Spirit within us. It is a journey which we begin in Baptism and continue throughout our entire lives, as we grow daily in the knowledge of God s unconditional love. Called within the mission of the Church, we dedicate our lives, as Nano Nagle did, to revealing this love. The unfolding of this call and of its implications in our lives is the essence of formation, both beginning as a Presentation Sister  and throughout ones whole life. Through prayer and reflective living and through the people and events in our lives, we hear this call more clearly each day and are empowered by the Spirit to respond ever more generously.

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